Facebook Page Likes 4 Profit

“A bad beginning makes a bad ending.” – this quote by Euripides, sums up perfectly the fundamental mistake that many businesses make in their attempts to have a profitable Facebook Page.

Their obsession with Likes just as a number is the killer. If obtaining Facebook Page Likes is a complete hit and miss affair then it makes it very difficult to engage and influence your fans (Likes). Put simply your Facebook Page will not align with your audience needs and expectations.

A Facebook Page for profit is built on a strong foundation of fans (Likes) that genuinely are interested in your business. They are people the business can build a relationship with and will become your best customers. Remember we do business with people we know, like and trust. This foundation building is a critical step and to ignore it will make future engagement extremely difficult. Facebook rewards businesses that have a close affinity with their fans, post regularly and provide valuable content by ranking their posts higher in the all-important newsfeed. Posting regularly with valuable content is relatively easy; having a close affinity without that strong fan foundation base is rather more difficult.

There is always the temptation at this early stage of building a valuable fan base to go for the quick easy random Likes. Just remember social media is more a marathon than a sprint and is significantly more challenging than most people realise. Taking the time, effort and cost to build a solid foundation of targeted Likes on your Facebook Page will make a huge difference in the long run. Once you have built a strong fan base then you can start putting more effort into engagement and influence. So don’t handicap yourself with a poor fan base.

It’s all too obvious the number of Facebook Pages that have failed to build a strong foundation and are now obsolete, having lost their way. It reminds me when I asked directions to a little village in Ireland and was told, “I wouldn’t start from here”. Enjoy your time on Facebook and if you feel lost then I am happy to start improving your Facebook Page wherever you are with it.

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