7 Sloppy Facebook Fan Engagement Mistakes to Fix Now

Poor Facebook Fan Engagement ?

It usually comes down to a poor strategy, the wrong tactics and sloppy mistakes. Even with a good strategy and tactics it’s easy to fall at the last hurdle. Lets avoid that and have a look at 7 sloppy Facebook fan engagement mistakes to fix now!

1. Static Cover Picture

Don’t leave your Page cover picture unchanged for months. Remember every time you change your cover picture the new picture is placed in your fans newsfeed. It’s a great way to tempt fans back to view your page and engage with posts they may have missed.

2. Watch What You Ask For

Asking people to click “show in newsfeed” when they like your page is rather pointless. Why? Because it is already clicked as a default. In fact there is a danger that your request highlights to fans that the option exists and they may unclick it to avoid seeing your posts in their newsfeed.

3. False Expectations

Achieving a reach to thousands of people on a Facebook Page is very easy and does not represent the number of engaged users. Understand what the Facebook Insights (analytics) are telling you. Focus instead on the “Engaged Users” statistic and write similar posts that score highly on this stat.

4. Business Address Missing

Leaving out your business address in the basic information field will mean that the recommendation box is not available for your fans to recommend your business. Good recommendations encourage fan engagement.

5. No Visual Content

Learn from the success of Pinterest. Believe me visual content is one of the hottest things in social media right now. Use memes, quotes in photos, Infographics, etc.

6. Poor posting times

Experiment with different times and see when your posts get the highest engagement. Don’t be lazy and just post at the recommended popular times or you will be competing with the highest number of posts in your fans newsfeed.

7. No Personality

Show your personality and use I, me, love this, etc. in your posts. Always keep in mind that people engage with people.


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