21 Essential Facebook Page Tips to Improve Your Page

Check out my 21 essential Facebook Page Tips.

21 Essential Facebook Page Tips

1. Create two Page administrators

2. Complete your Page info 100% including a minimum of 5 milestones

3.  Invite your friends and ask your administrators to invite their friends

4.  Share your page on friends and own Timeline, groups, your Page, etc.

5.  Run Facebook adverts

6.  Build interest lists - Clients, Potential Clients, Competitors, Local Biz, etc.

7.  Post a comment on another page once a day

8.  Write one to two posts daily
9. Ask questions and use #Hashtags

10. Use short posts 100 to 150 characters

11. 50% posts photographs

12. 30% posts text only

13. 15% posts with links

14.  5% posts videos

15. Use Key words:  You, Please, Freebie, Help, Check out, Top, Tips, etc.

16. Post at critical times for your audience

17. Check your Facebook Page three times per day for comments

18. Use reply to response to comments

19. Page promotion offline – A4 in shops, email signature, Website, etc.

20. Run www.likealyzer.com

21. Read www.facebook.com/business

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Facebook Page Marketing Secrets: Think Differently

Facebook Page Marketing Secrets

My Facebook Page marketing secrets will help you think differently and gain an edge on your competitors.

Photographs RIP

Well not exactly, but my text only posts now blow photographs out of the water and achieve 4 times the reach. “Facebook helps you connect and share with people in your life” Facebook actually want you to have a conversation not just focus entirely on photographs. For best results use a mixture of posts, photographs, text, video and links.

Please Like & Share

Buddy can you spare a dime? Why tell people you are desperate to grow your Page. Facebook view it as gaming the system, others may view it as spam.


Facebook advertising is incredibly targeted and superb value for money. It’s the Continue Reading

Facebook Competition Rule Changes: Still No Like & Share

Facebook competition rules changed

Facebook competition rule changes from the 27th August 2013 will no longer require the use of a third party app.

Facebook state that businesses can now

“Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post”
“Collect entries by having users message the Page”
“Utilize likes as a voting mechanism”

Don’t get too excited though. “Like & Share” Facebook competitions still break Facebook terms and conditions.

I watched one Facebook page in Northern Ireland a few months ago generate over 30,000 shares on just one like & share competition post. Now that is mega coverage or spam. Depending on where you are sitting. It’s that potential to reach huge audiences that make Like & Share Facebook competitions so appealing. However there are significant risks to Like & Share competitions. The most obvious one is that they still break Facebook’s terms and conditions. Another is the risk of sore losers making negative comments. Especially if you fail to have very clear terms and conditions.

Facebook competitions can be effective though as part of an overall marketing strategy.

This new announcement adds to the sophistication and effectiveness of Facebook competitions. It gives a nice mix and match with app and non-app. The app is still very important for one very simple reason. You will gather valuable email addresses because, the money is in the list.

Of course there are always Facebook adverts.

I will never forget one of my Facebook masterclasses a few years ago. I was boasting how well I did with a £20 Facebook advert that sold £800 of stuff. A guy jumps up from the back of the room (It was one of those so you think you are an expert moments). He very generously shared to the fifty people present how his £15 Facebook advert sold over £3,000 of stuff. Now that is a serious return on investment. Fifty very happy people left the room that day. Facebook Competitions are only one of many ways to market.

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